Monday, June 27, 2011

Pokey Pins (Push Pins)

Ok - I use push pins (aka pokey pins) to hang things on my bulletin board, but would have never thought to let my kindergarteners use them (they might "poke" themself or others!)  But then... Mrs. Miner changed my mind!!! Here is her post:

This is an awesome idea!!! I can print out alphabet letters, sight words, numbers, the list is endless, and let them "poke" them. What a great way to build fine motor skills, have fun while learning and create artwork for their windows at home (I only have one small one in my classroom). This is a treasured and creative idea!!! I am learning sooo much this Summer! I love blogs!!! (I think I am an addict and need a Kindergarten Classroom Blog!!!) :)
Until Next time!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love your post! Surprisingly, I've never had a problem with them poking each other. They are much more focussed on poking their work! I will send out your free kit once I get a bunch of people to send it to (within the next few days!).